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Trump’s infrastructure plan should take a wait-and-see approach on broadband

The White House released a few details about the plan last month. The $50 billion dedicated to rural America represents a quarter of the total federal funds in Trump’s infrastructure plan. Governors of each state – as determined by an as-of-yet unspecified formula – will get 80 percent of the money to spend as they wish.

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Questions still swirl about #MeToo

Last month, we published a story about a Red Cross executive accused of sexual misconduct. An internal investigation turned up troubling evidence that prompted the charity to push him out but then a Red Cross executive gave him a “very positive” reference on the way out the door.

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Increased minimum wage pushing teens out of workforce

The report from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University explored why 16- and 17-year-olds had dropped out of the workforce in such great numbers since 2000. Among the factors was a larger workforce due to immigration and the pressures on upperclassmen to perform academically while maintaining a résumé of extracurriculars.

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Logging mandate worrisome for truckers

Midwest Trucker’s Association, said the mandate in question is a federal mandate put in place in December. Schaefer said the mandate requires a device similar to airplane black boxes that track drive and rest times.

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Avoid noise in forced union fee case; question isn’t that complicated

Simply look at the facts of the case. Because at its essence, Janus vs. AFSCME is about one simple question: Are Mark Janus’ First Amendment rights being violated because his employer, the state of Illinois, requires him to to pay a fee to the American Federal of State, County and Municipal employees union as a condition of his employment?